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"Joining this school was one of my best decisions I ever made. This school was recommended by a lot of my dealer friends. Peter is a great guy and an excellent teacher he is known by a lot of casino auditioners and he will help you get into a casino when you graduate. He has taught me a lot and I have made a lot of new friends. Great environment and lots of fun. He closes late for all the evening people who works during the day. Most of the time we practice pass his closing time because he is still testing people, and he doesn't mind if we stay and practice. Thanks peter for everything you are a good friend and instructor. Check out his Instagram page and you will see all of us practicing."

— John C.


“Best casino dealer school ever!! My sensei named Peter with experience over 20 years has quite bit of humor!!! Peter definitely helps and wants each individual student to be the perfect dealer!! Thank u Sensei."

-Young H


“I was recently hired at Pechanga Resort & Casino after being trained and certified by Peter at his school. I can say without hesitation that if you're interested in this field or trying to choose a school, you cannot make a better decision than being under his tutelage. He is extremely thorough in his training and you are truly prepared to be a dealer once he has certified you. This is the difference between Peter and other schools out there. You will learn the precise techniques and systems that will instill confidence and help you stand out from the crowd. They will be noticed by other dealers and more importantly, during your audition.


On top of his expertise, he is very friendly and down to earth. He is also very patient and creates a fun environment for all of his students. You will love the stories from all the places he has worked around the world and will probably also make many friends while at school.

His school is now in Temecula and has been for about a year now. His hours make it very convenient for people working in different fields or anyone already working in a casino who wants to become a dealer.



I had a wonderful experience with Peter and would recommend (and already have), his school to anyone looking to become a table games dealer."

— Mike S.



“Peter is an excellent teacher and has an extreme knowledge in the gaming industry. I would endorse Peter in any gaming capacity. His attention to detail is paramount.”

— George Arsenis, Poker Manager at Pala Casino Spa and Resort

"Jack Black is super supportive and has worked with our non-profit for 3 years now. Peter sends us professional and good natured students and pros every time. I haven't gone through the program- but I love the results."

Jacqueline D


"Definitely check out this school! Peter puts a lot effort into his teaching with great techniques! He really cares for his students,  gives great advice on jobs and puts in a lot time helping what needs to be worked on to pass the audition!  Highly recommend this school, please check it out in person, you will definitely like it! =)"

—Sam M.


“Jack black is the Best school ever, and Peter(owner) is the most skilled teacher I've ever seen, he teaches his student the way that casino really wants and peter is not just going to rush you, he teaches you step by step from the basics so his student can easily past their audition. I got hired at Pechanga casino and the audition was a piece of cake to me ,all thanks to Peter..”

— Steve F


“Before registering at JBCDS I researched 12 schools in SoCal and Las Vegas.  It was the owner's attention to detail and flexibility of curriculum that sealed the deal for me. While other schools push you through their system in a few weeks, the instructor  adjusts to each students learning capabilities, schedule *and* teaches specific procedures for the casino you want to work with.  Peter, the owner, has come in to open the school on holidays and weekends when students are preparing for an audition.  I've watched him sit down with students to fill out applications, prepare resumes, prepare for interviews...he puts forth 120% to get his students hired.  His track record is intense!  Just recently a couple students interviewed and auditioned alongside 100+ Las Vegas dealers:  Both his students were hired at the Quad on the Las Vegas strip.  When I auditioned in Las Vegas the shift manager asked me how long I'd been a dealer. He was shocked to learn I had just finished school.  It's worth your time to at least call this school.  I strongly suggest you visit in person and talk with students and check the place out.  It's your career...your life after all. Make good decisions and get properly trained.  Good luck!.”

— Byron M.


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